Baobab Hog Ex

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The Geecrack Baobab Hog EX 3.8” has been a Japanese fishing staple for the last several years and now it’s available in the US!! Designed to be a compact creature bait that’s ideal for flipping & pitching, at 3.8” the Baobab Hog EX also doubles as an effective jig trailer. 

This bait is designed to be compact, but special features from end to end help it move more water to draw fish in more effectively. These features move water, but are moderated to prevent the bait from being too easily tangled or hung around heavier cover like wood. It’s body is designed with rings that trap and hold water for a more enticing action - while the texturized nubs on the tail also help impart additional movement. 

This bait boasts the SAF material you already know and love from Geecrack - Salt, Aminos, and Flavor! This proprietary formula is perfected and applied to meet the unique needs of each bait designed. The salt, aminos and shrimp flavor combine to create a distinctive scent that fish hold onto longer. The special formula also helps impart the right level of buoyancy and action into the bait. 

All of these features deliver a versatile bait that excels no matter how you choose to rig it: Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Free Rig, Jika Rig, or as a jig trailer!