Gilling Twister 75HF

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Introducing the latest addition to the Gilling series of swimbaits, the Geecrack Gilling Twister 75 Crankdown Swimbait is a bite-sized jointed bluegill swimbait that excels with a cranking, twitching, and dead slow retrieve methods. Built with a wide circuit board lip that conveys a pleasant bubbly vibration into your hands, the Twister 75 Crankdown Swimbait is deadly when retrieved aggressively to deflect off heavy cover obstacles in the shallow depths of the water column.

Featuring high-floating action that reduces snags and appeals to bass feeding on the surface, slow retrieves allow the tail to stick out of the water and create ripples, and during twitching the lip acts as resistance to reduce the distance traveled. Available in a variety of bluegill-inspired color patterns, the Geecrack Gilling Twister 75 Crankdown Swimbait comes equipped with razor-sharp fluorine-coated treble hooks that deliver rapid hook penetration.