Gilling 125

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The Geecrack Gilling 125 is a three segment hard swimbait that is designed to emulate a bluegill. Coming in at almost 5 inches and 1.3oz, this bait has the drawing power to entice big predators - but is not overly intimidating. 

The bait is available in a floating model or a suspending model - both displace a great deal of water - allowing target fish to track the bait with ease. The bait can be retrieved slowly, representing an easy meal - or it can be worked erratically, signaling an injured or distressed baitfish. 

Bluegill eaters always seem to be bigger fish - these baits are perfect for enticing them to feast. The profile is large enough to draw them in, but not too oversized that it reduces the hook-up percentage. The bait can also be easily tuned to meet your presentation preferences - add your favorite external weights to create the perfect presentation for any situation.