Gilling Neo 160F

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The new Geecrack Gilling Neo 160F is the latest release in the line of Geecrack Swimbaits and the first to hit the US!! Uniquely designed for maximum versatility, the Gilling Neo 160F is a 1.87oz, three-segment hard plastic swimbait featuring a removable bill. 

The bait naturally floats. With the bill inserted, the Gilling Neo is an exceptional crank-down swimbait capable of reaching depths of 6ft with 16lb fluorocarbon line. With the bill removed, the bait is converted to an enticing jointed wakebait. Fish it in situations that a swimming wakebait will excel - especially over shallow cover.  

Packed with features like realistic paint schemes, swiveling hook hangers, and cushioned joints for maximum fluidity - the new Geecrack Gilling Neo 160F is a must have for your arsenal! The cushioned joints are a key feature of this bait. Eliminating the sound of squeaking joints makes this bait more lifelike and allows it to be successful even on calm days and in pressured waters.