Spiron Twin

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The Geecrack Spiron Twin went through an extensive iterative design process to deliver the ultimate versatility in a soft plastic bait. At first look, the Spiron Twin is a beaver-shaped bait with twin tails - but a closer inspection reveals the excruciating level of detail that was poured into its development. 

Designed to imitate a bluegill, the broad body is complimented by twin tails that increase in thickness toward the ends, away from the bait. The result is an aggressive kicking action that displaces a great deal of water during the lift-and-fall and swimming techniques. 

While the tails on their own are impressive, the body of the bait is truly a work of art. Intentionally designed to be asymmetrical, the bottom of the bait acts as a keel and is more pronounced than the flat topside. Additionally, the bottom features a higher salt density, which helps keep the bait running true and balanced, right side up - providing the ultimate stability when swam across the surface. The topside of the bait has a built-in slit, perfect for hiding the point of an EWG hook. 

This bait boasts the SAF material you already know and love from Geecrack - Salt, Aminos, and Flavor! This proprietary formula is perfected and applied to meet the unique needs of each bait designed. The salt, aminos and shrimp flavor combine to create a distinctive scent that fish hold onto longer. The special formula also helps impart the right level of buoyancy and action into the bait. 

All of these features deliver a versatile bait that excels no matter how you choose to rig it: Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Free Rig, or as a jig trailer!